Shirley Treasure

blog-this-002.jpgElizabeth Atahan was the Weavers’ guild guest speaker on the 14th of April.

Elizabeth has travelled around China & Myanmar, she buys and collects textiles from all over Asia and has the most amazing collection she has purchased on her travels.

blog-this-006.jpgThe detail of these woven garments and body adornments were breathtaking. Elizabeth called them “Her Treasures”! Indeed they were a treasure to see, touch and admire all the intricated threads, yarns and embellishments on them. Again I got a few more ideas for my creations…… Connie and Rosemary said ‘there is nothing new in weaving just old ideas produced differently.’


The Akha and Akau women wear colourful skirts and leggings. (pictured below) These leggings are used as ankle guards to protect their legs while they work in the Forrest. Almost all the Akau peoples garments are made from cotton as it can be grown easily, Elizabeth saw some goats which would have been spun and woven but she saw no sheep, so wool would be in short supply.


These are some of Elizabeth’s photos and notes taken on her trips.


blog-this-019.jpgblog-this-022.jpgThis large red and black bag is used to store the warp in when working on the looms.

My pick of the bunch is this beautiful shawl/blanket made by the Narga people. I love the stripes and block weaving, again with hand made pom-poms and little personal bits to give it an individual touch.



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