New Norcia – Rapheal “Head of an Apostle”

25.04.07  The Treasure Trio visited New Norcia combining a stock drop off with an exhibition viewing of the tapestries of the Rapheal painting/tapestry cartoon that is on exhibit in the museum and art gallery of New Norcia, Western Australia.

“Head of the Apostle” is an original tempera drawing on paper, circle of Rapheal and his pupil Giulio Romano 1492-1546. This is a fragment of a cartoon for the tapestry ‘Decent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost’ currently hanging in the Cappella Palina, Vatican, Rome.


One of the guild members Joy Skinner is one of the tapestry weavers involved in completing one of these highly skillful tapestries. (I will provide more info when I meet her next, and interview her on this amazing project.)

blog-this-196.jpgblog-this-198.jpgIt was all too much for Sean, while Lexie loved the babies that were displayed everywhere!!!


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