Tip it over 100!

I have just checked how may people have viewed my weaving on www.shirleytreasure.etsy.com  and 2 shawls are in the high 90’s but really how many have to view before a purchase is made?

In this day & age it is great that we can all have our art on view & sale especially on art sites like Etsy.com but at the end of the day we are all trying to make a living with our our designing, creating & art. More people need to realise that art & craft is not just a ‘Past time’ for the talented few in the community but more of a creative energy that needs to be nurtured & encouraged by everyone.

A call to all: if not already taken…. the Pledge to Buy Hand made Goods http://www.buyhandmade.org/ and support the hand made art work globally.


2 thoughts on “Tip it over 100!

  1. You put it so well about viewing vs. buying! Although my “views” are getting close to 300 with very view sales, I do find getting good comments and people marking me as one of their favorites has its perks. For one thing, handmade does not come as inexpensively as mass-produced, and I know that a fair price for handmade is not an easy decision. All in all I think etsy is a great opportunity to display handmade items and get great feedback. I wish you luck!

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