Weaving with Emu feathers

In this months Handwoven magazine Karen Richards from Vic,  Australia has an article about weaving with emu feathers. I liked this project so much I had to have a go!

Thanks to Brett & David Pollock from Wooleen Station in the Murchison, who now have a nice dent in their ute, provided the feathers for my ‘Karen Richards’ shawl. Check out Karen’s website to view her beautiful shawl that featured in ‘Handwoven’ http://www.karenrichards.net/weaving.htm

Weaving with feathers is heaps of fun, slow,  but fun!.



haz-055.jpgmodeled by Hayley Treasure.


6 thoughts on “Weaving with Emu feathers

  1. Hi Janice, Yes it is woven in as a fringe, but along one selvedge, so just the total length of the shawl along one side of the weaving. Clever eh?
    If you don’t subscribe to ‘Handwoven magazine’ to see how Karen Richards explains in photographic form the step by step instructions it may seem difficult, but it is an amazingly simple technique that I am so happy Karen has shared with the weaving world.
    Emu feathers are the most amazing things (& as far as I know, the only feathers you can weave with as they are so flexible.)
    I can’t print what has been published due to copyright but copies of the magazine can be purchased from http://www.interweave.com

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