A visit from a weaver

Jenny Jackett visited me here in Gingin a couple of months ago. It was great to sit and chat with this wonderful and talented lady and the samples of weaving she brought for me to have a look at were gorgeous and very inspiring. The following images are Jenny’s weaving and weaving she purchased and created after a textile holiday in Peru. 

Thanks Jenny for taking the time out of your holiday in Western Australia to come visit me and chat about weaving stuff… I love your work and call again when your in WA next time.

All weavers are welcome to my house & studio (which are the same at the moment until I get my new studio built!) Just call in advance.



2 thoughts on “A visit from a weaver

  1. The visit to your home/studio was a great pleasure for me Shirley. Being able to communicate easily seems to be a trademark of fibre folk and I really appreciated being able to meet you and see your work. Thanks and happy weaving. The small fringed bag above is Peruvian.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jenny,
    Sorry it took so long to post your photos on the blog. Your work is so beautiful and inspired me to weave a cotton warp stole with the weft two/three picks cotton and one pick hand spun silk (the silk being a very kind gift sent to me from Suzy Furness, another Aussie weaver) Cheers, I must get in gear and post those pics soon too.
    Happy weaving indeed, Shirley.

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