Learning to weave

I found a little loom in a second-hand shop for $3.75!! It came with everything to start weaving & had never been used. So, I started Seán off (5 years old) & he is a natural. He was very proud of his weaving & I am so proud of him.

Seán was so happy with his work he did his own photography.


7 thoughts on “Learning to weave

  1. Thanks Terri,
    Delight is an understatement for my little boy, he thinks he is a production weaver now and has started taking orders from his 3 year old sister for dolls baby blankets! I wish him all the success in the weaving world.

  2. HI<
    I was wondering if you could give me the name of the loom? My grandaughter would love it and her birthday is in two weeks, she will be six…..I am trying to make her a fiber person, she is five and sits in front of me and does the pedals very slowly while she feeds out the fiber to spin…she really likes to spin, soon she will be doing it all on her own. thanks, jenna

  3. Hi Jenna, The loom is called ‘Weaving Loom’ by ‘Funky Creations’ These looms were stocked by ‘Target’. I’m not sure if they still have them as I found this in an op-shop, so not quite sure how old it is. Maybe it is worth contacting them http://www.target.com.au the Style no. is 3045G (another no. 04370/4 with no description) and the Target bar code is 4892401030450. I hope this helps. It’s wonderful your granddaughter is learning spinning & weaving what a wonderful life long gift you are giving her. Also, check out eBay.com.au in the ‘craft & hobbies’ section sub-heading ‘weaving’ you might find a 2nd hand loom for a bargain, I always pick up bits & bobs on eBay and worth it even with the postage.

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