Wedding fabric update

It seems like I haven’t blogged about my own weaving in awhile, but I have been working on some exhibition pieces and I don’t want to post photos of the finished pieces until the exhibitions are held or at least until I get past the selection committee.

The wedding fabric is nearly complete and I just love the way it is weaving up. The bamboo yarn has a soft feel, a beautiful sheen and is really nice to weave. I am only using the bamboo for the warp and the weft is a cream boucle plied with a silver glitz.



2 thoughts on “Wedding fabric update

  1. Thanks, I am very pleased with it. My clients Spanish lace veil is a vintage cream and the wedding dress is a crisp white, so I designed the fabric for the jacket blending the two colours with a shimmer of silver.
    I made bridal shawls for a bridal party of four in ’06 (photo in gallery page) they were textured black & red with a silver glitz, they sparkled beautifully in the wedding photographs and were a huge hit, so I thought I would repeat the bridal shine effect.

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