Handwoven wedding fabric

I finished 2.3 meters of the wedding fabric on the loom today. I wet finished the woven bamboo fabric and pressed it with a hot iron. It looks amazing and the glitz shines and glitters wonderfully in the photos which will add a bit of sparkle to my clients wedding outfit and will be sensational in the wedding photography.

This is a nice detail close up of the fabric after finishing and pressing.

All finished and ready for delivery.

(As I have blogged before) I love weaving crisp white but unfortunately my outlets do not like white garments due to the touch-ability factor.  Another white project is in the design stage, watch this space…



4 thoughts on “Handwoven wedding fabric

  1. Absolutely stunning! How subtle and elegant. The sparkle is just such a perfect accent.

    Am hoping that you will get a photo to share of the finished jacket. What an heirloom treasure for the bride.


  2. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for commenting at my site, Dear Alice! Just so you know, I hadn’t glued a warp in a very long time, so I didn’t do it right (even though it worked!) Open the shed, insert wooden dowel, open the next shed. Soak the dowel with a water-soluble glue, and let dry overnight. It is a great way to save on warp! Do you have Elmer’s Glue in Australia? Have you ever seen my mentor/teacher’s book Weaving Solutions?

    I do wish I could touch that wedding fabric!

  3. wow! that is so inspiring! My poor loom has been sitting neglected under my desk for some years now, with the same dreadful warp… perhaps we will reaquaint ourselves… 🙂

  4. Hi Nichole, all I can say is….. Don’t bother with the warp that is on the loom, if it has been there for a length of time it means your not interested with it at this stage.
    Pull her out (the loom that is, they are always ‘hers’ unless you feel otherwise) strip her bare and re warp with a new exciting challenge. It will make you want to spend time with her and she will reward you with your time & efforts. I feel some of my time is design time and other time is loom time, if this sequence mixes up in a weaving & a creative vortex, creative fibre juice’s get flung around until some stick.
    Never let a loom go too long without being addressed, either verbally or a heavy duty hands on process! (Like a creative producing structure, it sits and waits for its next big artistic challenge.)
    I hope you two become best craft buddies again!

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