Fibres & textiles Class in Gingin

All the girls are going great with all our new techniques, we have more laughs than finished products & this is what keeps us coming back for more!

This is my twisted fibres yarn that I have been spinning for the past 3 weeks. The tips of my fingers are numb like frost bite so I can do all sorts of amazing things this week…. I want to make some type of vessel, if not a worm holder will do!

Flour & water resist technique. This was good fun.

Irene Dwyer’s beautiful ‘neat’ worm holder. (I’m so glad we have lots of worms to hold)

Jenny, Sara, Tamara, Irene & June. So who has done their homework this week?

The Gingin Art Class.

Leeann twisting her rag fibre yarn.Jenny Madden’s project already on the go……

More flour & water technique being painted with dyes. Leeann used gluten free flour which gave a different thickness & texture, I’m looking forward to seeing all the finished products.

 Tamara’s owl.

 Thanks Shireen for putting up with all of us, as we are! See you all on Thursday.


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