Pure wool scarves

I was able to salvage some images from my broken memory stick. These are more photos of my men’s scarves I have on the loom at the moment.

Drawdown of this pattern using two colours in the warp and a single coloured weft. This will be my next warp. I got heaps of new colours in 100% Australian cotton and I’m enjoying designing my new projects combining a variety of these. Here are 2 more drawdowns with the same colour warp but a contrasting weft.


9 thoughts on “Pure wool scarves

  1. Wow, what a stunning design. And yet I can see from your draft that it is relatively simple. I mean that in a good way! Isn’t it incredible what a twill can do – or rather, what a gifted weaver can do with a twill? 😉

  2. Hi Shirley, I keep returning to look at the wonderful twill effects you achieved on 16 shafts, and am hopeful you might pass on some tips for achieving something equally ‘amazing’ on 4. Cheers, K.

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