Scarf Exchange ’08

Jean very kindly spun my fibres again this year for me. Thanks Jean! The fibres I got to create with are Merino/Mohair and silk.

I wove a basic birds pattern with the silk as the warp on an 8s table loom. I get nervous weaving hand-spun yarn (had a bad experience last year, stuff nightmares are made of) I used crochet a lot on the finished piece. I crocheted up along both selvages to create a berry lace look for the edge of the scarf and garnished it with 2 crocheted flowers which I attached to the bottom left on both sides. I hope the new owner will be happy with it.

Would you be happy to get this in the mail?


11 thoughts on “Scarf Exchange ’08

  1. I’ll have to sign up to one of these exchanges one day, I would be so happy to get such a beautiful handwoven scarf. I’m always giving handmade, but realise I have not received a handmade present for a couple of decades!

  2. Thanks Dot, this is a great exchange and we have the privilege of hosting it this year! I have also blogged about the scarf I entered last year. It is such good fun and a wonderful surprise to get your new scarf in the mail (just for me!)
    I will post some shots of the exhibition next month.
    Cheers Shirley

  3. Undoubtedly another “Treasure” 🙂 It’s gorgeous, and I particularly like the addition of crochet. It looks very soft, snuggly, feminine, and yummy to wear.

    Weave on!

  4. Thanks Jane,
    The crochet was an introductory (or in my case a re-introductory) idea.
    The selvedeges didn’t blow me away, so I thought a nice soft edege would be better, and it was!
    Warning to anyone who wants to do this….. It takes as long to crochet an edge as weaving the scarf!
    Yes, it is soft, snuggly, feminine etc.

  5. Miss Shirley —

    I’ve left you a little “gift” on my blog. Not to worry, you don’t have to email 40 friends before midnight, or howl at the moon. . .


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