Another home run for Ikea

I love shopping at Ikea more than a shopaholic at a clearance sales. For starters at the front door you get your free paper measuring tapes. I usually stock up with a bundle of these. On my last visit to my favorite store I picked up a few extra rolls of the non-slip plastic drawer liners. I have been searching for the perfect warp packing for the warp beam and I found it in the kitchen accessories dept in Ikea. It costs $20AUD per roll and the width is 50.4cm and length is 150.4cm.


It works like a dream between the warp threads and is thick enough to hold the tension. Just prefect.


6 thoughts on “Another home run for Ikea

  1. ooh

    sheet plastic eh? i’ve been using sticks. a 4 metre warp on a warp beam of 1cm diameter doesn’t make life easy.

    does ikea not look like it was dropped from the mothership in orbit? i can’t help but feel that they’re incredibly monolithic

  2. Yes, Well the mother-ship is nicely decked out in furniture made from flat packed materials!! It’s a win, win….
    No, really if you use sticks and are happy that’s great but I get my DH to wind my warps with me and to make it easy on both of us I keep coming up with ways to make it easier on him (& me!). So now he just has to watch when the roll ends rather than me telling him “and another one!” all the time.
    Try it out on a short warp, I bet you’ll be impressed! If your not, come and rant about it on my site…..
    Happy full moon harvest

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