Something a little different

I was asked to be ‘the featured artist’ in the Cervantes annual art exhibition. Cervantes is a seaside town near the pinnacles in Western Australia, about 3 hour drive north of Perth. For the honour of being the featured artist I have to create, in my style of art, a deck-chair.  So yes, I wove a deck-chair! This item will then be auctioned for charity and my other pieces are hung in the exhibition. This is my deck-chair.









I have asked and it will be hung on the wall and is not for functional use, even  though it is strong enough, it is a work of art.


2 thoughts on “Something a little different

  1. Oh, yes, yes yes!! Beautiful. Congratulations.

    I’ve been looking for these frames for chairs for… ever!! I have thought to go into second hand furniture shops, but I hate to cut off any fabric that’s still functioning, but I may have to… I’ve thought of making them myself as well, but I would never try to sit on something I made for fear of breaking body parts as well as the chair frame, so there goes that idea. By any chance did you find a kit set somewhere? Ikea?

  2. Sorry Meg, I was given the frame on which I put my finished woven fabric. The opening is in a couple of weeks time, so I will ask the organiser about her source when I travel up there.
    Not seen them in Ikea yet.

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