Woven Texture

I was tutoring weaving all this week, my class learnt the process of designing from nature and incorporating texture in the woven fabric.

I had 1 novice and 5 of my girls were wonderful weavers but had never ventured away from a published pattern and had never even changed the sett, colour or draw down of the pattern.

 The eldest in my class was a weaver of 20 years but had never woven anything but traditional weaving. She was the nut I had to crack and after 2 days I thought she was going to throw in the towel. When she eventually did listen to my direction she produced amazing woven pieces, she told me later I inspired her to view & weave contemporary weaving in a different light and the knowledge she gained will keep her going for years to come. A truly heart felt moment in my teaching career.

These are some images of her work….


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