My new fibre friends

Here are some images of the wonderful people I met at FibresWest.Joan, Barbara & Linda, my house mates. The party house No.3.

Louise & Judith

Liz Evans tutor of Baskets and vessels in Felt.


Meg, Marilin & Anne. More party house girls.

Pat Dixon & I

Elaine the beautiful Mamma.

Peggy & Elizibeth


Iris & Glen Skien (eating in the background)

Many more to come…..





2 thoughts on “My new fibre friends

  1. India, I am honnored you left a message on my blog! It was a great inspiring week & I met some creative girls, which we formed a strong bond of friendship. I came home brain busting with my new designs & concepts hopping onto my workbook.
    I will be going to India, weaving with the Arisians of Kala rucksha (Judy’s college) I will be overjoyed when this comes about…..
    I saw your work in the gallery and it was beautiful.
    Looking forward to meeting you in WA when our textile threads aline!
    Cheers Shirley

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