Nalda Searles

All the workshops were tempting this year at Fibres West, but one of the greatest fibre artists, Nalda Searles, was approached again to host another one of her brilliant workshops at the 2008 fourm. Her class was titled ‘Expressing personal imagery using fibre & recycled materials’.

I have met Nalda a few times, as our paths are interwoven in the WA fibre art & textiles community. If I had to describe Nalda to one who has never met her, I would say, ‘Earth Mother’, another artist tagged her  ‘Earth Goddess’.  Perfect descriptions for a woman who has given so much to the indigenous culture in Australia and her world wide audience that love & admire her work.

Nalda next to the Nalda mobile

Nalda with her class at Fibres West 2008

 and of cource the work they produced was out of this world! I have come to a ‘cul de sac’ of mind blowing descriptions for expressing the level of artistic talent that was produced last week, so here are the photos……

The last image is Nalda Searles work.


2 thoughts on “Nalda Searles

  1. this is a lovely post – i’ve just been in India with Nalda, a most enriching experience. If she were Japanese they’d call her a National Treasure and look after her appropriately!
    here she just quietly gets on with making beautiful things and guiding other hands to do so as well…

  2. All of us that know Nalda, Yes we treat her as our Earth Mother and we are in awe with everything she sais. I want her to build molds now, becaues when her mold cast is in tatters, will that be the end to this amazing artwork?
    India, thanks for getting in touch with me. I look forward to meeting wih you in the near future,
    Cheers Shirley (mainly weaving is my bag!)

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