Art v’s Craft and all things aractnid

Being away from computer all week I have been doing some catch up with everyone’s blogs!
Karen of curiousweaver has a new cone winder which she has named ‘Spider’. Yep, I’m jealous.

Funny how topics come in waves, this week I was telling my class that while studying George Eliot’s, ‘Silas Marner’ I was inspired to jump head 1st into weaving after reading all the beautiful spider imagery that portrayed the weaver & his surroundings in the town of Raveloe. Eliots penmanship of the English language moulded my career. Thanks Mary Ann Evans I owe you one!
Then today I was listening to some pod casts (weave cast & cast on), again more spider stories, and as I was weaving just now, I have been pondering, if we describe a spider spinning & weaving its web as an ‘art form’, why is it that weaving is described (by others) as a hobby or craft? You would never say “That spiders’ web is a beautiful craft and its lucky to have such a life obsessed hobby!”
I also need to weave to be me.

Feed back welcome o_O


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