Tie on a warp

I have never come across a problem with the tension of a newly tied on warp. I just tie on, wind  then weave…. No problem! (this warp was 12m approx)

I know weavers who would rather re-heddle, re-reed, etc than simply tie on.

You can see from these images, tension was never a problem. See how accurate my knots are? ( can you tell I enjoy the simple things in life?! )


4 thoughts on “Tie on a warp

  1. Hi Fleur,
    After my week away tutoring weaving, I am more convinced than ever, that there are much more weavers out there, doing things ‘by the book’ than I had thought.
    ‘Original’ design & form was an alien concept to these wonderful weavers, who had ever, only woven a documented project, right down to the colour & sett of the piece!
    Trying to change their ‘mind set’ to contemporary design was the hardest nut I had to crack! and SMASH I did!!…..

  2. Very interested to see this – it’s encouraging. I haven’t tried tying on yet, but this eases my fears.

    I was also struck by the comment in your other post “I need to weave to be me”.

    I got stuck in a job for 8 years which left me very little creative time, and I’m not joking when I say it was slowly killing me. It was killing my spirit. Time to do creative things is not a luxury to me, it is absolutely essential. I sold my house to get out of the job (as I couldn’t find another job that would pay the mortgage). Drastic, but essential.

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