‘They look very masculine’

Was Ben’s comment when I took these off the loom. ‘Great’, I replied. ‘They are my men’s Autumn collection!’.

It was nice to get the thumbs up from my man, on my latest Men’s collection.  Ben has always been my greatest critic, and I take his comments very seriously, but at the end of the day even he (the boss!) has to retire to the fact, that I am the ‘Artist’!


6 thoughts on “‘They look very masculine’

  1. Shirley, so sorry to hear you’re struggling along with a broken ankle. Take care of yourself (or make sure Ben takes good care of you). Thanks for your comments on my blog. The scarves in your post are indeed very masculine, and very beautiful. Good on Ben to recognize their glory.
    Cheers – Sandra

  2. Hi Shirley — stopping in to wish you a wonderful New Year. How is the ankle?

    The autumn scarves bring to mind the faint scent of burning leaves, crisp chilly air, warm stews, and a handsome man walking along with hands in pockets, and a scarf about his neck.



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