Update on Progress

Cheers Jane, Sharon & Jenny J and all who have contacted me directly, not much time to respond to all emails seperately.!
Yes, I broke my left ankle while I was putting out the washing!!!, 4 days in hospital, 5 weeks on crutches (any ankle is a weaving ankle!) even in a healing boot!
All the harder with my 4 & 5 year olds to look after, they grew up quickly during this time. (I have the best kids)
So, not much production weaving has been done. :o(
Still, FAC Bazaar went well for me this year and sales have been steady :o)
My Seán turns 6 on the 18th & I go under the knife for a Hystertomy on the 20th, so Jan ’09 is pre-booked, as is Feb (for recovery).
My family (Irish, for those who don’t know! Mum&Dad,My Sister&Husband and their Triplets!!! (yes, 3 who are 3 years old!!!) all desend on us, for the month of March….
So all weaving has been cancelled until April, at least!
I have commishions mounting up, so I will be busy weaving in the middle of the year.
Wishing you all a Productive, Healthy & Happy New Year!
Shirley Treasure


9 thoughts on “Update on Progress

  1. Oh Miss Shirley. Do you have any good books to curl up with while you are recovering?

    How sweet that your two kiddos are helping out Mum and understand that you are not 100% right now.

    Do check in on the blog as much as you can so that we can keep up with your progress and cheer you on to a full recovery!!

    Can’t wait until you can be back at your loom. — But hey . . . . how about a small frame loom for some tapestry work or, or , or. . . 🙂

    Wishing you a speedy healing and great visit with the family.


    • Thanks Jane for your concern,
      Yes, I have a few books and baby textile projects lined up for my next hospital visit. I have also been saving the past few weavecasts so I have something great to listen to, for the 1st couple of days when I can’t move!
      I looking forward to life & weaving after major surgery 🙂

  2. Hope you’re recovering well and that everyone is looking after you. Glad to hear your Mum and sister are with you (along with the three three-year-olds, of course),
    Take care,
    Emer F

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