I’m Back & it’s head 1st into fabric

After nearly 6 months of pain and discomfort even with very strong pain relief, I am almost back at the loom. I’m on the computer at least!

Thanks to everyone who contacted me while I was laid up. I discovered a whole new level of pain and a yearning to feel ‘normal’ again so I could get back weaving.

Sunday’s are usually relaxing days for the family but today I was eager to get moving so I wound a small warp for one of my 4s table looms. Afterward I read a Vogue living magazine which is where I found these great websites www.artvivanttextiles.com and www.bayliss.com.au worth checking out. The colours & woven designs are beautiful, and the images have inspired me to get cracking on my wall hanging commission.

More News: I will be filmed by the ABC in June for ‘The Collectors’ show on Friday nights. They are interested why someone would collect looms, shuttles, yarn and textile paraphernalia! Should be good fun and you know how I love to show off my weaving. lol


8 thoughts on “I’m Back & it’s head 1st into fabric

  1. Hello Shirley, welcome back.

    I’d be interested to know about your collection – I’m always struggling to resist interesting old shuttles that come up on ebay.

    • Hi Dot,
      Thanks for the comment, I have HEAPS of shuttles, collected over the years. I don’t care if they are antique or not, if they can be used the better! I will post pics when I get them all together for the collectors! 🙂
      Big tip: never pay big money for shuttles or looms, I get most (99%) of mine given to me! When the word is out…..looms are handed over!

  2. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. Keep us posted re the Collectors- one of my 2 favourite TV shows (the other is the Cook and the Chef).
    Regards, Joan

    • Hi Joan,
      I am very excited about the collectors too. One of my top favourites as well! I have been watching it for years saying to Ben , my DH, ‘I should be on that show, I have heaps to show to the textile viewers. I bet lots of weavers would love to see my collection!’ ……….Then I got the call form the director……
      I will post the programme date when it is confirmed.
      Till then, i will post as many images of whats going on in my shed in preparation for a film crew!! Aaah!
      Hope all is good with you & yours, Happy Easter xoxo

  3. I can very much empathize with severe pain like that. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

    And congrats on being filmed for the show! You will make a wonderful addition to the collectors.

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a bad time with your health Shirley, hope all’s well now.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it was lovely to hear from you & I’ll look forward to seeing you on Collectors – I’m a regular watcher too.

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