100% Australian Cotton

2009-04-14_171712009-04-14_17154Ben & I cleared out the shed so I could stock my cotton in there. I sell some of these cones on EBay every so often. If anyone wants to purchase some, just email me, I have excess kgs in some colours 🙂 

 I bought this lot from a weaving mill that moved its production from NSW to India. This seems to be the sad story of weaving mills in Australia.

Now I have to start clearing out all the cones around my loom in the lounge room.


5 thoughts on “100% Australian Cotton

    • hi meg,
      The mill I purchased it from was in NSW and they told me the cotton originally came from QLD, all the stickers on the yarn just say Australia but don’t specify a state. QLD makes sense though as cotton was grown in QLD, NT, SA and WA, I’m not sure about NSW or VIC (maybe a little cool there?)

  1. I think the cotton growers around Moree, Narrabri and all those cotton growing areas south of Goondiwindi and the Qld border might be upset if you exclude NSW!

    • Thanks Maggie,
      I hope I didn’t upset any cotton growers over east. Thanks for letting us know about the cotton growing areas in NSW, I find it amazing and I will pass on this info to Meg.

  2. Qld does make sense, but up north towards Qld in NSW must be just as hot and sunny. How fantastic to use “your own” cotton, Shirley. Must look out for some when I get around to crossing the ditch for a look see!!

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