Anne does dishes with style

Yesterday, I was contacted by a wonderful weaver from Adelaide, South Australia, Anne Graebner.

Anne weaves on a 4s loom and loves to weave tea towels, as a lover of anything woven I asked Anne to send me images of her work. Her tea towels are beautiful and according to Anne her ‘handwoven tea towels are the best tea towels she’s ever had.  Thick, thirsty and look great.’  They certainly do look great! In over 20 years weaving I have never woven a tea towel, maybe it’s time I get another warp wound….

 Anne wove these m’s & o’s tea towels with two 20/2 Cotton threads together in similar but not same colours to make one thread, and  the other image is a table runner in a rep weave. Well done Anne, you create beautiful pieces.



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