Gingin Expo 2009

The kids & I waited all morning for the thunder & rain to stop and by lunch time I couldn’t distract them any longer so we put on our boots & hats and went into town to the Expo. Gingin’s biggest day to shine but all that shone were the new tractors &  farm bikes in the rain. Due to which the crowd was way smaller than previous years . Rain in rural Australia is always welcome but I couldn’t help feeling cheesed off for the organisers, stalls holders and exhibitors.

I normally love this day out with my children as it has a large raw fibre content for me (something for all the family!) but all the drenched animals made the weather more miserable.

gingin-expo-09-055gingin-expo-09-040I did however see some very nice hand spun Alpaca.gingin-expo-09-053






gingin-expo-09-050So, we came home after the kids had a Camel ride and I finished setting up one of my table looms.

One loom done, Ten to go…..


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