Australian wildlife

This post may seem a little OT but I visually record the wildlife I encounter to catalog their colours (or in this case lack of ) for future projects & designs.

I found this little beauty this morning caught in a spider web in the corner of my kitchen. The scorpion measures approx 4cm and they can survive a heavy spray of insect repellent! I pulled one of similar size out of my daughters mouth when she was 8 months old!  luckily before it stung her. The Joys of living in the bush.



3 thoughts on “Australian wildlife

    • Hi Dot,
      The kids & I call what your talking about as “the heebee-geebee’s” (its that spooky feeling when someone walks over your grave! Thats the shudder I’m talking about! Most people get it from spiders & scorpions. I get it from any aussie animal that can kill me in 12hrs with one bite!
      A big fan… NOT!)
      I just had to get used to large spiders, biting bugs, loud frogs, aggerssive birds, even more aggressive snakes!………. The mossies are the worst of all, they infilict more pain on me than any other lifesource!!….& it lasts for days….
      But where would I rather be?? Right here with my family.

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