Easy Inkle warp

The online guild got me working with my Inkle loom again, with thanks to Steve. I seem to warp Inkles a bit different to the tutor so I thought I’d share a visual of how I do it. Both ways are correct but if you want to save on time, thread and bulky knots check this out.


Red Arrow: A wine cork (with slits cut in it) nailed to the top of your Inkle loom holds the start of the warp nice and tight so winding is easy. The more slits for more colours of course but for this pick-up sampler I’m just warping two.

Green Arrow: This is my last blue warp thread waiting to be tied to the first blue thread.


Tie the start and end together across the warp, now I have just one knot instead of 11 of the one colour.

Only 2 knots

Red Arrow: Now the whites turn, the whole warp is finished with only two knots!


Red Arrow: My complete Inkle warp with only 2 knots ready to be woven in the round.

I have the sampler done for Steve but I want to work on a few of my own designs first before I post the pics.

Happy Inkle weaving


9 thoughts on “Easy Inkle warp

  1. Good job! I have seen and heard some very complicated ways of warping. Yours is simple and I know it works from years of doing it this way myself. I hope others will learn from you!

  2. hmm! guess i’m a fake weaver as i have never had enough patience for inkle weaving 🙂
    i intend to join the on line guild next year.this year is solidly booked 😦
    thanks for your visit

    neki desu

  3. Reading your post inspired me to bring out my inkle loom today. I warp similar but use a thumb tack at the front of my loom to hold the thread.

    I’m so glad I came across your post–weaving on my inkle is just what I need while I’m waiting on some fiber to come in for my next project.

    • Hi Vee,
      This is what blogging is all about for me, your lovely comment on being inspired to weave after reading my post!
      I had a look at your blog and it’s so beautiful and dainty. I would love to have the time to do all the wonderful textile things you do, but weaving takes up a lot of my time & motherhood the rest. :o)
      Enjoy your Inkle weaving.

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