Today felt like my birthday

Woke up in a happy mood, the kids were also happy & playing nicely.. STOP. Is this really my house? kids? life?   Yes, it was a wonderful morning. I checked my Lotto ticket &  I had won $22.55, hey better than a poke in the eye.

10.30 I got a textile visitor. Anne Williams from my hand-weavers, spinners & dyers guild here in Perth, braved the bush roads to come and say hello.Anne Williams

She brought me a smorgasbord of textile delights, so coffee was downed while our eyes feasted on her mothers 1950’s hand woven swatches. Jeans_samples_from_the_50'sJean (Anne’s mum) was a beautiful weaver and wrote weaving articles for the local newspaper at that time. She was a prolific weaver and produced all her work on a 4s table loom that was totally made by her husband Courthope (Anne’s dad)

Anne was about to put these looms on the verge collection!!!! until Tanya Peters told her about my loom fetish hence the visit. Anne gave me her mums loom, a 2s loom her dad build for her 11th birthday, a long narrow tablet/card weaving loom (which I’m itching to try out) and a tiny fold-able 2’s loom (which needs a bit of TLC) jean&annes_looms_made_by_Courthope_in_the_late_'40s_early_50's

I am so stoked by Anne’s generosity, but it didn’t stop there! She also gave me her mums collection of weaving books with notes & drawings & drafts penciled on various pages. WoW!my_new_books

Anne Williams your a great lady, we had a great day together. Thank you so much for my gifts they will be well treasured.


5 thoughts on “Today felt like my birthday

    • Fun Toys is right, I am setting the baby one up 1st (half way through), cute and cuddley as it looks, it takes me as much time to warp up as a standard 4s table loom!
      Maybe thats why I like multi-shaft weaving now!! It’s the re-discovering, when you go back to basics, a new learning process begins.

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