Lights, Camera, Action!

ABC film crew 021

The highlight of my weaving roller-coaster year has to be Tuesday 16th of June when the ABC TV crew came to film me for ‘The collectors Show’.

Normally I could talk for Ireland and Australia but I found I become a little tongue tied when put in front of a TV camera. I over came my new found shyness as the day went on but after a full day of filming (9.30 to 4pm) I will be getting an amazing 3 minute segment on the show. It is a national TV show on Friday nights on the ABC so hopefully weaving (and me) will get some attention from the television exposure.

I had a great day filming with the boys and I know they got some fabulous footage of the looms in action. I would do it all again in a heart beat. Maybe there is a future for me in broadcasting? lol

Thanks to Tara Pike who did my hair & makeup, David (director), Leigh (sound) and Armain (camera) and thanks to all that I mentioned on film but may get edited in the final cutting of my piece eg. Karen Richards, HWSD Guild of WA, Online weaving guild, Fibreworks, Leclerc, Anne Williams, Fiberswest, Wooleen Station and WAFTA  to name a few.

ABC film crew 022ABC film crew 015


7 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Hi Shirley,
    Thank-you for initiating and participating in this television segment; it is a great opportunity to introduce weaving and weaving tools to a wide Australian audience. I’m looking forward to watching the programme very much; I wonder if the Collectors team was able to advise when it will be televised.

    Best wishes and good health for the second half of 2009.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment.
      The camera crew said I would get official notice from the Collectors team Tas. to let me know the date the segment will be going to air. I will post the date on here as well as an email update when I hear from the producers of the show. It could be anything up to 6-9 months!!
      I’m also excited about promoting weaving to a wider audience. I hope all our Guilds will be inundated with fresh new interested potential weavers. Fingers crossed.

  2. Exciting news but since I’m in NYC and don’t get Australian tv, is there a chance of your posting the segment on YouTube or a link if it will be on TCS’s website? Congratulations : )

    • I am hoping the ABC will give me a link from their website or a youtube type link so I can post the segment on my blog. I have had heaps of requests for it so far, so if I am able to replay the recording I will.

  3. great to hear that weaving and textile art will be getting a public airing, I’m an ex pat ozzy now in ireland for a while so I’ll be watching with interest for that link to you tube

    • Thanks Liz, Got an email from the producer of the show during the week and I won’t be airing this side of Christmas! They have collections a plenty but I am looking forward to seeing the looms on the telly early 2010! I will post the dates when I know.
      Hows Ireland going? It seems funny how we seem to have swapped countrys!! Very wet here in WA at the moment….Bring on summer with it’s 40○…..

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