mechanical dobby and holidays

My beautiful new loom, Audrey, is a 16s AVL mechanical dobby loom fitted with compu dobby II and an e-lift. I am trying to bring it back to its original mechanical dobby state….why?…. because I already have a weavebird and I would like to see how easy an AVL loom converts forwards and backwards. At a later date when I’m ready for a new project I will add the solenoids back onto the loom.
I am toying with removing the e-lift…. I can’t seem to get it to work effectively with the mechanical dobby, besides, I’m young, fit (at last) and treaddles don’t bother me plus it’s school holidays and I need an in-house/studio weaving project ;o)
This how ‘Audrey’ arrived.
and this is how far I got with the process today. I was very pleased with my efforts but then Lexie (5) wanted to do some painting with me. Here is her painting of some Australian animals with a butterfly flying over Mammys aubergines. A beautiful day!


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