Finished the tea towels

Yesterday I had a visit from the amazing Sydney weaver Liz Calnan. It was great to meet Liz, see some of our work and to chat about weaving and looms. Liz is a wonderful lady and I was most thankful she stopped by for a cuppa.
In the afternoon I finished the tea towels warp (design by Ingrid Bosel) and today finished the towels off and ready for family gifts for Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Finished the tea towels

  1. Good job! The towels look great finished. Ready for Christmas, October 4th???

    I like your new header a lot, and also the aubergine painting. Nice to finally have a chance to catch up with your blog.

    • Thanks Fern,
      I know the gifts are finished a bit early but now I won’t have to stress nearer the holidays :o) and I’m not sure what my next weaving project will be.
      Shirley Treasure

  2. wow…the towels are awesome……really beautiful.
    How do you like the Weavebird??? I toy with the idea of getting one, but I only know one person who has had one, and she didn’t like it. Not sure if I trust her opinion though. So I would love to hear what you think.

    • Hi Hilary, My weavebird is hit & miss with different projects, but when it is behaving good the weaving is awesome! It weaves slow though, every time I weave too quick the solinoids clog. It has a lot of nice features which I like. I know of another weaver in Australia who is very unhappy with her weavebird but all the AVL owners I know love their AVLs. I have just got an AVL which is not warped yet, I will keep you posted on the difference. AVL have an amazing after sales service too…… I hope this helps you.

  3. Hi Shirley

    Thanks for your message about Liz. She’s a wonderful and inspiring teacher as well as weaver – we’re definitely missing her here in Sydney!

    Your towels look great. I always love a neatly folded pile of new weaving, all that work coming to a happy conclusion.


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