Sharks and Bluebottle Jellyfish

Today, as a mid school holiday treat I brought Seán and Lexie to our local beach a 30min drive away to find huge ‘shark warning’ posted in the car park!
The kids were too terriffied to even get their feet wet. They kept a shark spotting report every two minutes which made me giggle, as there was a greater chance of being injured on the sand than in the water. The beach was covered in washed up bluebottle jellyfish (known globally as Portuguese Man o’ War)
I had never seen them in such large numbers along the coast before and their colours were awesome. The less time out of the water, the greater the intensity of colour (I got wet taking these pics!). I just love this vibrant blue and purple. Inspiration for another art project….
A woven image to finish with… Lexie (5) practicing her weaving ;o)
WOW! I just noticed her selvedges are perfect!!! It must be in the genes.
I’m one proud Mum ;o)


11 thoughts on “Sharks and Bluebottle Jellyfish

  1. Go, Lexie, go!!! Wow!!! Isn’t it fabulous to let kids play with their creativity?!

    I’d love to see what you come up with with the man o’ war inspiration;)

  2. Ok, Maybe I might be guiding my kids into textiles for cheap assistance on future weaving projects but has anyone seen the SHARK SIGNS!!!…….????
    Wow! I was amazed. A close up of the sign said that a Whale died close by and the Sharks are feeding!
    Who knew Sharks & Whales lived in the Ocean?

  3. Shame about the swimming but the bluebottle pics should provide some inspiration for your work!
    Your daughter looks like she’s enjoying following in your footsteps.
    Thanks for your comment on my bags – some are sold but some are still at the Old Bakery Gallery – not doing more for a while.

  4. You risked putting your feet into shark-infested waters to get those cool jellyfish pics! They remind me of Dale Chihuly blown glass shapes that always looked like sea creatures to me anyway. Beautiful pics!

    Lexie’s weaving is coming along brilliantly … and no wonder : )

  5. My boys were amazed at the shark warning, would never see anything like that at Garryvoe!!!! Lexie looks so intent on her work & what fabulous work it is, well done Lexie!!

  6. Hi Shirley,
    I’ve had the chance of re-finding your blog again, great!

    I’m amazed by the beauty of the photos you posted about bluebottle jellyfishes and kids.
    Such stunning creatures! I didn’t know about that specie before and I must say is one for the most beautiful things I’ve seen lately.
    The shape, texture, the color and the translucent blue and purple sail make it so special.

    I’ve been reading about it now, and my eyes almost went out orbit knowing about the length of its tentacles, the average is 10 meters, but some are
    50 meters!
    Understable that the kids were not afraid of them but fearing to soak even their toes with the threat of that huge shark of the add!
    I love that pic 🙂
    I have one similar, but in this case children (4 years old) are scared of a big inflatable cocodrile floating on the sea!

    I have a crush on jellyfishes, I even wrote a story about them some time ago!

    I find them amazing, inspiring…I believe they can be a wonderful source of inspiration for your art of weaving, from here I congratulate you once
    again for it (you seem very special and sensitive just for watching what you make) and encourage the beautiful Lexie to continue learning and creating, no wonder why you are such a proud mom 🙂

    Long, tentacled hug from Madrid

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