Love a good challenge

I’m a bit behind everyone else on the Pics to picks challenge. 15 weavers world-wide are taking part and here is what Meg has outlined for us….

This is what they’re doing:

1) Collect three (or more if you like, but no more than, say, six) photographs/clipping/drawing to inspire a weaver. (May I suggest three different types of photos, for example one abstract, one emotional, and one something else, in case the recipient has very different taste/sensibilities from yours?)

2) Put all three in an envelope, and a personal message if you like. Send it to your weaver recipient. Keep an eye on your mail box for a similar envelope coming your way.

3) Plan a project based on one of the images.

4) Photograph it, sketch it, write about it, or blog about it. And weave it. Prepare to publish your project on the first weekend of June 2010. Include in the post:

  • All original images you received; all of them in one snapshot is good;
  • Whatever thoughts and images from your creative process you like. “Didn’t Work” pics work, too.

5) How far you take the project depends on you. You could weave and have a finished piece, or go as far as determining the yarn, the set and the draft, or come up with a bunch of drawings and alternative project ideas.

I thought paper pictures are tangible and portable and therefore preferable to exchanging JPG files. The printed papers have textures, and we could carry them around and feel them or paste them into our sketchbooks or pin them on our walls. They don’t need to be printed JPGs either; postcards, newspaper or mag clipping, anything with an image.


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