Good old ‘birdseye’

My Nan used to say “Blue and Green should never be seen…..without another colour in-between.”‘   Why? I wonder.


12 thoughts on “Good old ‘birdseye’

  1. My Granny said that too! We did have an English teacher at school who liked to wear a bright blue top with a bright green skirt, which was a surprisingly terrifying ensemble…

  2. Blue and green do tend to pull toward each other. Greens look bluer next to blues, blues look greener next to greens. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  3. My Mom loved green and blue together but said it was not accepted when she was a child.
    Shirley, the point twill drafts posted here are all 6-shaft drafts. The tie-up is 2/1/1/2, repeated. You can weave these easily on a 6-shaft loom. Try changing one line of the whole tie-up at a time, the way I do in chapter 1 of my book, to see what happens. I know you have this book! And it was fun to see the Interweave Press scarf book on your blog. I remember when they were putting that together.

  4. The version I heard when I was a kid in Edinburgh was Red and Green should never be seen except upon an Irish Colleen….

    Only person I ever heard the blue and green version was here in Australia…two of my favourite colours and I always have them together

  5. I remember my mother or maybe my grandmother telling me green and blue don’t “go together.” One day when I was about 8 years old, I was at school, staring out the window admiring the way the green leaves looked against the bright blue sky, and I realized blue and green DO go together!

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