Weaving demo @ the Craft Fair…

I did a ‘weaving with Emu feathers’ demo at the WAFTA stall (which was our Naturally exhibition so it was quite a large area) at the Perth Craft Fair. I didn’t take any photos on the day…I should have, mental note: Bring camera everywhere.

I wove on my baby loom as it was the most portable one I have and it drew lots of interest from people coming to look at our exhibition. I stayed all day and spoke to heaps of people about weaving, looms, yarns & emu feathers. It was a great day and I got some weaving done too….

Oh! and I did some shopping?…Here is what I bought…


5 thoughts on “Weaving demo @ the Craft Fair…

  1. My Gran used to say” Red & Green but that’s Scotland for you!!! Meg from the Fibres West No. 3 house. Remember!

    • Wow! Red & Green eh? I wonder how many versions there are out there?
      How are you my Scottish fibre ‘Party House’ friend? I hope life is treating you well and you are still awesome, funny, creative & fantastic. Are you going again next year? hehe We’ll have the party house rocking again…Much Love Shirley Xx

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