Looms on ‘Collectors’

My weaving, looms & I were on ‘Collectors’ on ABC1  Friday the 3rd of September. It was fun & a great way to bring textiles & weaving to the greater public.
It was amazing to see how they edited a 7 hour shoot down to 3 mins!!! So much I wanted on there ended up on the editing room floor, but it was still good to see  looms & weaving on the telly.
I have had lots of emails from viewers and lots of interested new weavers, which is awesome.
The Collectors was recorded over a year ago and since then we have bought a new house. We will be making the big move to the coast in Nov/Dec so unfortunately I have to down size my collection [sigh]
If you missed it, you can view it  HERE.

4 thoughts on “Looms on ‘Collectors’

  1. Hi Shirley
    Yep, I caught up with you on Iview the other day. My guild here in SA and my Saturday weaving group made sure each of us knew about it!
    I’m so envious re all your looms. I’ve got a lovely little 2 shaft loom similar to the one shown that I rescued and renovated. I love it and currently have a rep weave table runner on it. In fact, the runner you were kind enough to display here last year some time was done on this little two shaft.

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