Setting up the studio

I spent all morning sorting through my cones of 100% Australian cotton. I have got hundreds more kilos of the cotton still in Gingin but this is how I have set up the new studio so far. Next job is to get the weavebird back into working order! No rest for the weaver!


4 thoughts on “Setting up the studio

    • Yep Meg! Heaps of colours 2/22 100% australian cotton, perfect for tea-towels, shawls & anything you can weave in a fine thread. I can do you up a colour chart if you are interested in some…..
      Much love
      Shirley Xxxx

  1. Shirley, I am so glad to see that you are cranking up to weave. I have been looking out for you as it appeared that you had vanished into thin air!! Not like you I thought ;-)).
    VERY nice to have Jason to stay! Well done.
    Will catch up again soon. Best Wishes jjX

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