Jason Collingwood in Perth

Jason Collingwood in Kings Park with Perth City in the background

JASON COLLINGWOOD’S 3-end block weave & shaft switching workshop was held in Perth last weekend. It was a fantastic workshop with quite a number of weavers travelling more than a 5 hour drive to attend!. Jason’s many years of rug weaving & teaching experience did not disappoint, he guided our class through many new techniques which were both challenging & very enjoyable. His great sense of humour and his sharing of his talent was unbeatable.

Jason presented a talk to WAFTA on his last night which quite a few of the workshop students also attended, a true sign we all had fun and couldn’t get enough of our wonderfully talented tutor.

The Treasure Family loved having Jason join us for the week and we parted company as good friends. My son Sean (8) thinks Jason should stick to weaving as he’s ‘not to flash’ with LEGO construction!!ย Jason there will always be a room here for your returning visits to Western Australia.

Day 1 Blockweave


Day 2 Log Cabin: Vertical Stripe Block & 3/3 cross Stripe Background

Day 2 Constant Lift & Twining



Day 3 Clasped Wefts

Day 3 Shaft-Switching

Jason's samples

Jason demonstrating Double Faced Twill

Jason demonstrating Finishing Techniques

And finally Jason with his two biggest fans, my babies Sean & Lexie....the weaving rock stars of the future

~ Happy St. Patricks Day ~


9 thoughts on “Jason Collingwood in Perth

    • I know! I love that photo too. The kids really enjoyed having him here and they brought out the ‘kid’ in Jason…. I think he preferred the boys toys to the dolls even though he was no good at LEGO! hehe
      LEGO can be pretty tough these days & Sean’s constructions have to be perfect, it’s heart breaking to spend such a long time constructing a project & then watch it be torn apart in front of you. That is why I don’t do LEGO, thats Ben’s job……
      It has been a great textile week but Jason’s wife is also from Japan, so like you, was worried for family members. I do hope yours are all safe now and I’m thinking of you every day Xxxx .

  1. Oh my word, in the presence of greatness!! He is adorable too. As are your kids!

    I just mailed my grad school daughter her LEGO collection. Cost $20 for postage there were so many. She missed them terribly.

    • Jason was wonderful and he’s such a lovely guy!
      Yep! LEGO is the greatest toy in the world, those Swedish know how to design!!! although the sets now are so complex. I like just making up my own cars, monsters, villages etc. hehe
      Hope your well and it’s great catching up with you on Facebook, love modern technology….

  2. Great to see you in print Shirley, your report and your w’shop samples and gorgeous ‘babies’. I really like the Clasped weave.
    Do you have a Studio now? Do drop me an email if you have time. jjX

    • Thanks Jenny. Sorry I never replied to your last email as I was in hospital again!! This never ending set backs of surgery is really start to cheese me off! All I want to do is get back to the loom (which still doesn’t work) Hopefully it will be sorted this week, fingers crossed.
      I have a new computer & have no access to my email addresses. I will write to you this week…promise…. Xxx Hope you are well & weaving heaps. Did you join wafta & are you doing a piece for the exhibition? I liked the clasped wefts too & might do a piece using that technique??? and or shaft switching? So unusual for me to do rug weaving after nearly 17 years or something crazy like that. Yep, studio is set up but much smaller space than I had in Gingin. Send me a quick email to sbtreasure@bigpond.com and I’ll add you again to my address list. Much love S Xxx

  3. OH wow!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looks like you got a lot of samples done…..and probably learned oodles!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s wonderful to see that the experience impacted your family! Weaving rock stars of the future;) Melt your heart! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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