What ‘Jack Daniels’ can do

I just got a local young fella to do some work on my loom computer & he seems to have solved my Weavebird problem….YEAH! A big change of com ports & a new USB adapter (as the 9pin head was slightly damaged?) seems to have been the problem…. only cost me $$$$ to find out a guy from across the road could fix it for a bottle of ‘Jack Daniels’!!!!!
So happy now… wound a warp yesterday setting up tomorrow…..
I’m very excited…..

5 thoughts on “What ‘Jack Daniels’ can do

  1. Glad you got it sorted. Hope he/you weren’t into the bottle before he got your problems sorted, though, because sometimes when my loom goes loopy, it sounds like a very attractive proposition.

  2. Wonderful for you to be able to get on with it Shirley i.e. weaving, not to mention Jack Daniels……what a find. I’m warping up, late, for a 1x2mt piece for WAFTA and I have flights booked! X

  3. Jenny, I’m warping up too!! cant wait for the WAFTA show. Great that you are coming over for it. Where are you staying? Do you want to stay with me in our new house? We are in Quinns Rocks now, closer to the city, well, closer than Gingin lol. I’m looking forward to seeing you again Xxx Happy weaving (email a photo, I’d love to see what your weaving for it)

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