Bring on the challenge

P2P2 is off and running for the second year.

Pics to Picks 2 is a weaving challenge created by Meg in New Zealand, Meg is a wonderful weaver, an inspiration and a WWWm (a world wide weaving motivator) and I’m proud to call her a good friend.

19 weavers form around the globe signed up for this weaving challenge, each weaver sends 6 photos or images to their assigned colleague and from these images we create a woven design. How far we take the design is up to us. Last year, due to poor health & life being life, I only got to the design stage, so I signed up again this year and plan to take the challenge to the next level. Mark my words ‘I will design & weave a finished piece this year’

The weaver I have sent my images to is Cindy in the USA and these are some of my images of the Pinnacles  and Wooleen Station in Western Australia that I mailed to her.

Julie from the UK was chosen to inspire me and these are the pics I received from her.

I am very excited about these images and my head has been buzzing with projects since their arrival.

This is going to be FUN!


5 thoughts on “Bring on the challenge

  1. Is that what they are! It immediately made me think of Roussillon in France, where they have all the ochre. We looked around an old ochre processing plant where they had used big outdoor tanks just like those – though perhaps not on quite that scale!

  2. Some of your photos, the ones you took/sent, would be interesting to me turned into a color negative or color schemes changed totally and just retaining the shapes – not that the colors are not fab, but particularly the top right one, I think, could be a nice psychedelic moonscape.

  3. Very interesting photos, love the colour and texture of the rock formations. I’ve now spent the morning with travel brochures and google maps. My mother and I are visiting Perth for a week in early October. Mum has already said she wants to go to wave rock, now I’m trying to figure how to include the pinnacles in the trip.

    • Yep! The Pinnacles are amazing and one of my favourite places to bring visitors. They are about a 2.5 hour drive north of Perth and well worth the trip. Wave rock is cool too but a bit of a longer drive (it’s an over night trip) I hope you fit it all in Xxx Look me up if you have the time, I’m in the Northern suburbs so I can make you a cuppa as you head north to the Pinnacles ;o)

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