Design Thoughts

P2P2 designing update:

At the moment I am weaving for the WAFTA exhibition and  I should be focused on that as the dead line for entries is fast approaching but all I can think about is the pics I’ve been sent. It’s like P2P2 has taken over  my mind! (in a good way)

I’ve changed the colour, contrast and rotated these images and the results are amazing.  I can see an interesting twill & block weave design appearing and I’m liking them 😀

In March this year I did Jason Collingwood’s 3 end block weave workshop here in Perth. I had never woven block weave before and Jason’s class was a eye opener. I would love to try a block weave on my weavebird using cottons for a softer fabric instead of the rug technique we were taught. I changed the colours to a bright Red, Yellow & Black as I am constantly inspired by the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and art but is that going too far from the original image?

My friend ‘Twill’, weave it, reverse it, weave it, reverse it. Viola! Well it’s a start but I think I’m not pushing the boat with this image. I mostly weave twills for commercial reasons (they work & sell well) but it’s something to fall back on if I start to run out of time.

It’s a start……


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