Matching the yarn

P2P2 playing with my colours.

I like to pull things apart, to get in nice & close, the analytical details could send in in a completely different design direction. I started out with this photo of a beautiful Protea,

I played around with this image by getting into the depths of the flower,I Love these colours and as I rotated this image I could see a cable design, can you see it? It’s wonderful! so I had to look for colours from my stash and I found these perfect, more than perfect, silk yarns. I photographed them in front of my computer screen with the image of the Protea.


3 thoughts on “Matching the yarn

  1. I like the idea of zooming in to the detail. And great colours/yarns – I think you must have a really nice stash!

  2. ;o) it’s amazing how things change when you zoom in. These are very nice yarns, I bought them about 1 year ago just waiting for the right project to come along. The silk feels very hard but I’m sure it will soften up when wet finished. I just love the colours.

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