Weaving of a different kind

I have recently taken up running and for the past 12 weeks I have been training to run the 12Km Perth City to Surf. It is my big attempt to be fit and fabulous for my 40th birthday which is in Feburary. To my surprise I have enjoyed my running time more than I thought I would and look forward to my time away from the loom to run down to the beach boardwalk every other day.

28/08/11 The race started quite fast and I got sweep up in the flow with the other 42,000 competitors but there was a lot of weaving in and around walkers through out the race. This weaving put a smile on my face and extra use on my knee joints which gave me something else to think about.  I completed the 12Km run with my girlfriend in 1 hour 20mis and I’m so proud of us.

My husband (who just started too) did the 12Km run in 54mins!! Amazing!

Linda, Ben & I tucking into our well earned lunch at the finish line

and now it’s back to the loom…….


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