P2P2 Reveal

P2P2 drum roll………

My design was inspired by the beautiful ‘Protea’ photo sent to me by Julie. I wove a scarf in 100% silk and it measures 18 x 200 cm.

This is the 16s draft and I wove it on my LeClerc Weavebird.


10 thoughts on “P2P2 Reveal

    • Yes Meg, it’s beautiful and soft even though it looks rough. Here’s a link to the silk http://habutextiles.com/A-1 It is described as 2/17 tsumugi ?? so what does that mean?
      Yes, I’m very happy with it and thank you for all your hard work and another great p2p project Xxx
      I’m not sure what I’m doing with it yet, I suppose I will sell it…..

      • “Tsumugi” means spun, “te-tsumugi” means hand-spun, so I’m guessing in this case this is just a brand/product name, but my mother knows this company, I think she visited them once and gave me something, so I could ask.

  1. Very effective. The colours and the draft work really well at reflecting the photo.
    Congrats also on your run – very impressive

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