Design Thoughts

P2P2 designing update:

At the moment I am weaving for the WAFTA exhibition and  I should be focused on that as the dead line for entries is fast approaching but all I can think about is the pics I’ve been sent. It’s like P2P2 has taken over  my mind! (in a good way)

I’ve changed the colour, contrast and rotated these images and the results are amazing.  I can see an interesting twill & block weave design appearing and I’m liking them 😀

In March this year I did Jason Collingwood’s 3 end block weave workshop here in Perth. I had never woven block weave before and Jason’s class was a eye opener. I would love to try a block weave on my weavebird using cottons for a softer fabric instead of the rug technique we were taught. I changed the colours to a bright Red, Yellow & Black as I am constantly inspired by the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and art but is that going too far from the original image?

My friend ‘Twill’, weave it, reverse it, weave it, reverse it. Viola! Well it’s a start but I think I’m not pushing the boat with this image. I mostly weave twills for commercial reasons (they work & sell well) but it’s something to fall back on if I start to run out of time.

It’s a start……


Bring on the challenge

P2P2 is off and running for the second year.

Pics to Picks 2 is a weaving challenge created by Meg in New Zealand, Meg is a wonderful weaver, an inspiration and a WWWm (a world wide weaving motivator) and I’m proud to call her a good friend.

19 weavers form around the globe signed up for this weaving challenge, each weaver sends 6 photos or images to their assigned colleague and from these images we create a woven design. How far we take the design is up to us. Last year, due to poor health & life being life, I only got to the design stage, so I signed up again this year and plan to take the challenge to the next level. Mark my words ‘I will design & weave a finished piece this year’

The weaver I have sent my images to is Cindy in the USA and these are some of my images of the Pinnacles  and Wooleen Station in Western Australia that I mailed to her.

Julie from the UK was chosen to inspire me and these are the pics I received from her.

I am very excited about these images and my head has been buzzing with projects since their arrival.

This is going to be FUN!

What ‘Jack Daniels’ can do

I just got a local young fella to do some work on my loom computer & he seems to have solved my Weavebird problem….YEAH! A big change of com ports & a new USB adapter (as the 9pin head was slightly damaged?) seems to have been the problem…. only cost me $$$$ to find out a guy from across the road could fix it for a bottle of ‘Jack Daniels’!!!!!
So happy now… wound a warp yesterday setting up tomorrow…..
I’m very excited…..

Loom parts in the mail

My solenoids , transformer box & cables are being shipped back to LeClerc in Canada for testing. Airmail takes up to 10 working days so I may not be weaving for the next couple of weeks [sigh]

I am hopeful that LeClerc will find the source of the Weavebird problem and it will be smooth weaving when all the bits are returned….


Solenoids, black box & cables of the Weavebird

Solenoids, black box & cables of the Weavebird


Jason Collingwood in Perth

Jason Collingwood in Kings Park with Perth City in the background

JASON COLLINGWOOD’S 3-end block weave & shaft switching workshop was held in Perth last weekend. It was a fantastic workshop with quite a number of weavers travelling more than a 5 hour drive to attend!. Jason’s many years of rug weaving & teaching experience did not disappoint, he guided our class through many new techniques which were both challenging & very enjoyable. His great sense of humour and his sharing of his talent was unbeatable.

Jason presented a talk to WAFTA on his last night which quite a few of the workshop students also attended, a true sign we all had fun and couldn’t get enough of our wonderfully talented tutor.

The Treasure Family loved having Jason join us for the week and we parted company as good friends. My son Sean (8) thinks Jason should stick to weaving as he’s ‘not to flash’ with LEGO construction!! Jason there will always be a room here for your returning visits to Western Australia.

Day 1 Blockweave


Day 2 Log Cabin: Vertical Stripe Block & 3/3 cross Stripe Background

Day 2 Constant Lift & Twining



Day 3 Clasped Wefts

Day 3 Shaft-Switching

Jason's samples

Jason demonstrating Double Faced Twill

Jason demonstrating Finishing Techniques

And finally Jason with his two biggest fans, my babies Sean & Lexie....the weaving rock stars of the future

~ Happy St. Patricks Day ~